System requirements


ARGUS Monitoring Software is a server based software and has been developed for the LAMP server system (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). The ARGUS software itself is based on 100% PHP and uses the MySQL relational database to store its data and the Apache web-server to present the data on-line. The minimum requirements are (standard components of most Linux distributions)*:

  • A Linux operating system (for example SuSE)
  • The Apache http server (from version 1.3.28, Apache2 recommended)
  • PHP 5.x with the GD Library (from version 1.6)
  • The MySQL 5.x database

The minimum hardware requirements depend entirely on the amount of data and users you wish to accommodate. An important factor in displaying data is speed, as ARGUS will recalculate every data point that has to be displayed (and apply mathematical formulas, filters, cross-references etc.). With respect to hardware requirements this translates to sufficient internal memory (2GB+) and a fast processor (3Ghz+).

As a basic reference: a server with a dual 3.0Ghz processor and 4GB of internal ram is able to handle 6 projects of which three very large projects simultaneously, comprising over 4.000 sensors, 15 million datasets and 15 users. This server receives data continuously from multiple dataloggers, robotic total stations as well as manual data input from different locations.

Contact us for more information - we also provide hosting services for your projects (i.e. for a monthly rental fee you will have access to your own 'website' running ARGUS Monitoring Software).

*) If you would like to use a website hosting company, we recommend to use a dedicated server hosting account so you are in complete control of the server with your monitoring data.