ARGUS References


ARGUS Monitoring Software is used on geotechnical monitoring projects throughout the world.

ARGUS can handle small to very large projects. Sometimes it is interesting to 'rent' the software instead of purchasing it. This is called a hosting service, which is similar as having your own website whereby you pay a monthly fee. For larger projects you can also decide to purchase ARGUS and the server it is running on so it can be integrated in your existing IT-infrastructure.

ARGUS is deployed on several small to very large scale construction projects in The Netherlands involving deep excavations, TBM tunneling and railway monitoring using robotic total stations and geotechnical instrumentation.
The Saskatchewan department of Highways and Transportation in Canada uses ARGUS to monitor various remote sites in the province, covering landslide and thermistor road temperature sites.
The geotechnical department of the Flanders region in Belgium uses ARGUS to monitor the stability of embankments and dikes with piezometers.
Royal BAM Group ranks among the largest construction firms in Europe. The Group is market leader in the Netherlands. ARGUS is used in combination with Leica GeoMoS and conventional geotechnical instrumentation.
The Portuguese construction company Tecnasol FGE uses ARGUS for various construction projects involving rail, tunnel and dam monitoring.
Studiegroep Omgeving is an independent consultancy for spatial planning, architecture, landsurveying and organisation of public spaces. ARGUS is deployed on a sink-hole project on an industrial site.
CN Rail in Montreal Canada is using ARGUS for track monitoring applications in settlement sensitive areas in order to have an automated warning system for track inspectors.
GZA of New York is using ARGUS for various construction projects in NewYork such as tunneling operations involving robotic total stations.
Alberta Geological Survey in Alberta is using ARGUS for their remote monitoring projects involving early warning systems for rock slides.
The Robert B. Balter Company of Owing Mills, Maryland uses ARGUS for their geotechnical engineering monitoring projects.
Schnabel Engineering offers geotechnical engineering, environmental services, geosciences, dam engineering, materials engineering, and construction monitoring throughout the USA.
Renovationproject in Germany involving a large sluice project. ARGUS is used to monitor anchor load cells and piezometers remotely by GSM modem.
Suomen Malmi Oy (Smoy ) is a contracting company in the Drillcon Group offering drilling, geophysical, geological and rock mechanical services for natural resource, engineering and environmental investigations. ARGUS is used on projects involving inner-city construction and nuclear power plants.
The Gruner Group employs over 400 people from over 30 different professional backgrounds. ARGUS is used to process, issue alarms and display data from Leica robotic total stations.

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