The most distinctive feature of ARGUS is its ability to store 'raw' data in the database and present the calculated results 'on-the-fly' to the user. This implicates that the presented results are always up-to-date, a change in the calculation method or the raw data is instantly visible.

Another important feature is that you are in 100% control of the software. Once you have purchased ARGUS or use an ARGUS hosting account you no longer need our assistance. You can create projects, change or add logo's, edit the (sensor) configuration and everything else there is to configure about a project - all by yourself over an easy to use webinterface.

ARGUS is always on-line and is a true multitasking data management and presentation tool. It can import data from automated systems, allow manual data entry, allow changes to its configuration, present plots and reports all at the same time, from different locations and for multiple users.

You are able to work with more than one administrator at the same time to setup large projects. You are able to send alarms to multiple people and view and evaluate the latest results together on-line in your web-browser late at night at home or from different offices around the world. All you need is a web-browser and Internet connection - there is no PC software to install or licenses to pay, you are able to use ARGUS on any computer with Internet access.

ARGUS is an open system, it is based on a reliable open-source operating system, webserver, database and programming language, and it's design will allow you to import data from any source. All ARGUS needs is a simple ASCII file with timestamps and numeric data.

A more detailed list of the main ARGUS features:

  • No software to install on the PC's of users (ARGUS does not use active-x components)
  • Cross-platform - ARGUS supports users using Windows, Macintosh or Linux computers
  • No hassle with database configuration - use the webinterface to create new projects by yourself
  • Manage multiple projects from one server and centralize your data and hardware at a single location
  • ARGUS is always on-line and real-time data is available to multiple users simultaneously
  • Work from any location; at work, at home, at the client's office, or halfway around the world.
  • Easy to understand and intuitive interface, most users need no training at all
  • Password protected access with 3 levels of privileges (incl. password lost option)
  • Multiple projects (with individual logo's) & users per database
  • Multiple standard (predefined) plots per project - dynamic updating of plots with latest data
  • Create time-based plots, mathematical plots, plot device vs device. Support for dual Y-axis
  • Zoom in on a plot, download data from the plot, skip data, scroll through data
  • Combine two or three plots to form one new plot (for example XYZ measurements)
  • Multiple views of the project (user specified images) with info on latest value received per device
  • Automated & manual import of ASCII files with measurement data (Campbell Scientific is supported)
  • Watchdog function to generate an email alarm in case of 'no data received'
  • Timestamps according to ISO format with support for data in milliseconds
  • Build complex formulas with references to any device in the project
  • Create 'virtual data' to calculate specific values (averages, maximum, minimum, etc.)
  • Apply filters and filter out 'bad' data or out of range data
  • Configure up to 4 alarm levels per device - alarm level changes and confirmations are issued via e-mail
  • Configure up to 4 rate of change alarms - to allow slowly creeping trends but alert at sudden changes
  • Detailed alarm & alarm confirmation logging incl. username, values & time
  • Automatic generation of PDF reports (daily,weekly,monthly) issued via e-mail
  • Create and set privileges for users and email groups (to receive the alarms & PDF reports)
  • Downloading of data in .zip format and predefined export formats for 3rd party software
  • PDA or mobile device functionality
  • Integrated logbook and filemanager
  • Automated ASCII-Export for on-line import into 3rd party databases
  • Create backups & archives from data in the database
  • Addins/Plug-ins (project specific functionality like accelerometer, inclinometer, data analysis etc.)
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Auto installer (for updates)